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9° GF Pissei Edita Pucinskaite again a success story

Extraordinary organizational success, 813 athletes at the start, € 2,500 in donation. The Spignana refreshment has been simply ...unique !

Great cycling show at the Gran Fondo Pissei Edita Pucinskaite managed by the Avis Bike Pistoia a.s.d. that beats the record about number of participants, established in the previous edition . So they cutting the ninth goal as a terrific success.

Sunday 2018, June 17th was not just a cycling and charity event but a real sporting party that involved 126 team, 813 athletes from the north to the south of Italy and not only, at the grand bottom participated in US cyclists, Koreans, Germans, Lithuanians, Ukrainians and Russians. Among them the “Lord of the Rings”, the Olympic Gold Medal in artistic gym Yuri Chechi.

The sunny day, has been animated with professionalism and charisma by Daniel Guidi. The Speaker is taken at dawn from the historic Piazza del Duomo and then ends in the Circolo Arci Santomato. To open the dances, in the front row alongside Edita Pucinskaite, there was, host of the event, Achille Abbondanza FIMARP testimonial (Italian IPF and Rare Lung Diseases).

The Special place of the event was the “Ristoro di Spignana”, which amazed and moved many participants. To set up and color the entire square of the little town , were joined in three: Avis Montagna Pistoiese, Misericordia di Lizzano and the Community of Spignana. The result was amazing. To enter the square every cyclist walked along a long red carpet and was applauded as a movie star. To welcome them they found live music, interviews, cuddling with stracchino cooked on the spot by our sponsor Motta Restaurant and other local dishes and unparalleled human warmth. But appreciated all the refreshments of the Granfondo, the routes Road and Mountain Bike, the arrow, the signs, the final pasta party.

"The growing success that our granfondo manages to obtain during its still young history is due to the extraordinary work of Avis Bike, Team led by President Stefano Sichi who was able to bring out the best working without sparing" words of Edita Pucinskaite to end of the day "another 813 thanks go to the cyclists who with their enthusiasm and comments of esteem honor our commitment and give us moral. I am honored to represent this Granfondo, which makes us all richer, for the values ​​transmitted and for the content of the emotions experienced "

"Everything start nine years ago from a dream" says Stefano Sichi, general coordinator of the Granfondo "today this dream has become great and makes us proud. We are happy to give a nice day of sport to the participants, but the main purpose remains solidarity and promotion of blood donation. Thanks to all members of Avis Bike Pistoia, voluntary associations and sponsors for having been able to realize the dream 2018 "

Record of participants and therefore a record of donations to Emergency (€ 3 for each member was immediately donated to the Bangui Pediatric Clinic in Central Africa) with the Avis Bike which delivered a € 2,500 transfer on the stage.

There were five routes Road and Mountain Bike, which presented different difficulties, bringing cyclists on the most unusual climbs in the area. At the end the first thirty Road companies and the best MTB Teams were awarded and other special prizes were awarded. The granfondo for the third year was also the Memorial Michele Macherelli, creator of the event. Triple awards for the boys of the CTBS Cycling Team who have won the Trofeo Maccherelli, as a team with more athletes on the Gran Fondo route 147 km 3600 meters in altitude, awarded as a farthest company and Team outside the region with more kilometers traveled. While the women of the G.C. Camps 04 have won the ranking of the teams with more female presences.

The ranking results of Road Team with the highest number of members and kilometers traveled was won by ASD Verag Prato Est, in second place was placed Agliana Ciclismo ASD, the third place went to GC Campi 04. Among the bikers the best are the Team Gulliver riders were.

The winners were given the works of the MAIC boys, the paintings of the students of the Artistic High School “Petrocchi” and food and wine prizes. In addition to the authorities and various institutional representatives present at the award ceremony, also Michele Macherelli parents, Vanessa Falasca, winner of the painting competition, Thomas, one of the guys at the Centro Maic who created the artistic ceramic vases.

Classifica Team:

MTB: 1. AS Team Gulliver Bike 2.Emp Cycling Team 3-4. Team Aquilotti Cervia e Gastone Nencini Prato

STRADA: 1.ASD Avis Verag Est 605p. 2. Agliana Ciclismo 535p. 3. GC Campi 505p. 4. Io Bici ASD 360p 5.Team Gastone Nencini Prato 330p. 6.GS Pedale Pietrasantino 315p. 7.ACF Bessi Calenzano 305 p. 8. Giusfredi Bianchi 295p. 9. Toscana Dynamo Pistoia 290p 10. ASD Ciclistica Viaccia 265p. 11.ASD Dynamo Cycling Team 250p. 12. DLF Pistoia 245p. 13. My Bike ASD 240p. 14. AS Team Gulliver Bike 215p. 15.CTBS ASD 205p. 16. CDP Spazzavento ASD 190p 17. ASD Bicisportteam Firenze 180p. 18. ASD Free Bikers Pedale Folonichese 160p. 19.ASD Ciclistica La Feraglia 150p. 20.ASD Team Tredici Bike 145p. 21.ASD Pedale Biancazzurro 140p. 22. Mugello Toscana Bike 140p. 23. GS Ramini ASD 120p. 24.Team Evoque ASD 105p. 25. Veloclub Florence By Bike 105p. 26. ASD Sansoni Team 105p. 27.ASD La Bagare Ciclistica Lucchese 95p. 28. Nuova Team Cicloidea 90p. 29.Team Eureka ASD 90p. 30.ASD Zerozero Team 90p.

Gf Pissei Edita Pucinskaite thanks to our sponsors:

Centro Commerciale Panorama, Pissei, Reale Mutua Agenzia Pistoia, Ristorante Pizzeria Motta, Synlab, Studio Odontoiatrico Magnolfi, Antica Farmacia Chiti Pistoia. Noleggio Sedoni, le Specialità del Gelataio, Decathlon Montecatini, Mukki, WD-40, Banca Alta Toscana, ProAction, Mister Wizard, Pasticceria Cellini, Durgoni Peppino, Società agricola Betti, Italpork, Bici&Bike, Polar Pistoia, Gustar, Agriturismo Il Volpino, Powerbike, Vizi&Servizi, Tredici, Villa Cappugi, Elettronica Agostini, Dolci e biscotti Corsini, Michelotti&Zei, SAF, Parucchieri Marco Patrizio Alessio, Il Biaggiolo, DMP food, Felici Salumi,Flamini Stefano, Caffitaly system, S.I.E, Gate 24 Hairdressing ,Viani, Salumeria Monte san Savino,Caseificio Sociale Manciano

Gf Pissei Edita Pucinskaite thanks to our partners:

Soci Avis Bike Pistoia, Circolo Arci Santomato, Avis Comunale di Pistoia, Avis Montagna Pistoiese, Emergency gruppi territoriali Pistoia e Prato, Fondazione MAIC Pistoia, Liceo Artistico Petrocchi Pistoia, Pro Loco Sammomme, Pro Loco Maresca, Pro Loco Prataccio, Pro Loco Pian di Giuliano, Pro Loco di Spedaletto, Società Mutuo Soccorso Unione di Bardalone, Pubblica Assistenza di Maresca, Gruppo Alpini Montagna Pistoiese, Gruppo Motociclisti Pistoiesi, Misericordia di Lizzano Pistoiese, Comunità di Spignana, CONI Comitato regioale Toscana, Comitato Italiano Paralimpico, Regione Toscana, Provincia di Pistoia, Comune di Pistoia, Comune San Marcello e Piteglio, Comune di Marliana, UISP Lega Ciclismo Pistoia, Circuito Toscano Cicloturismo, ASSO.GGT e tutti i volontari

Ufficio Stampa Avis Bike Pistoia asd - 19 Giugno 2018

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