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The 2020 edition of the Gran Fondo Edita Pucinskaite has been canceled

Avis Bike Pistoia, officially announces the cancellation of the eleventh edition of the event scheduled for Sunday 21 June in Pistoia. In the face of the unprecedented health emergency, the event will not be rescheduled in the 2020 calendar and therefore the appointment with fans is postponed to the following year. "Due to this unfortunate storm of nature, which is mortally affecting the whole world, we can not help but stop and, like the farmers who lose their harvest after a year of work, find the strength to start again early and sow for next season "explained Stefano Sichi, general coordinator of the Gran Fondo" I take this opportunity to embrace all the people who in these days may have lost their loved ones and thank those who are working to safeguard the present and future of our beloved Country". "We live with a sense of helplessness in the face of many, too many deaths of the Covid-19 virus, every day we wake up with the hope that the epidemic will be eradicated soon, but we all know well that even when the emergency is over, the return to normal it will take some time. It is painful to cancel the Gran Fondo but there are now other priorities and it is necessary to focus on these "added Edita Pucinskaite" I thank ACSI Ciclismo who believed in us and all our supporters who had confirmed their trust in us ". Nobody will lose the registration already made. Those who do not wish to consider their registration valid for the 2021 edition, will be able to request a refund and the fee will be refunded net of commissions via bank transfer. For all the others, the appointment is for 2021. Please be in touch with us, mail to:

______________ Pistoia Avis Bike Press Office

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