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Who is Michele ?

The ideator of the former Granfondo Alto Appennino .... today GF Edita Pucinskaite


Michele was born in Florence on 25 September 1970 and as a child he proved himself independent and committed himself to everything he did. This is why he selects his choices. He Practiced several sports like football, swimming, basketball and in particular Running and Cycling. It also takes part in a Triathlon competition.


Become a blood donor and sign up for AIDO.


He studied at the University of Florence where he graduated in Organic Chemistry and began working at various hospitals on human skin grafts grown in the laboratory on large burns and diabetics.

Sport has always been important in his life.

He likes basketball very much, but when the sponsor of the company he plays, by ambition, aims at semi-professional activity with the temptation of the immediate result, the team dissolves. Thus came the first disappointment, it was very fast as Play-Maker.


From the Basketball it passes to Running: It is fascinated by the control that the marathon runners can have on their body and fatigue. He trains constantly and in every climate (scorching heat, wind, snow, rain). For him it is NOT IMPORTANT TO WIN, and in this sense did not give importance to competitions, but it was more important the PLEASURE OF RACING, with attention to the athletic gesture, the coordination of movements with a deep knowledge of the human body in relation to each exercise.

After high school, he leaves for military service in the body of Bersaglieri. Here he joined the team of Atletica, which gives him a privileged position for the medals that wins in competitions and that bring prestige to the Battalion.

At the age of 22, choose the CYCLING as Hobby and become part of a team of semi-professionals, almost all of them, unlike her, but at the end of their career. This was not his goal so after 3 years he left the team because he realized that he was able, "squeezing like a lemon", to achieve excellent results without DOPING practices.





Later he will participate in some cycling competitions, but as an amateur cyclist, the bike will return to be a pleasant hobby and a means to maintain physical fitness.

His favorite cycling destinations were surrounded by nature with deep respect and love for the animals he met in his workouts, often in places not frequented but always new, and that he studied preparing the routes at the tables with the help of maps and various maps.


In his spare time, he was also in charge of prisoners and their families.

Become part of the group of EMERGENCY because this humanitarian association was the one closest to its principles, being always at the forefront against all forms of violence and discrimination, against any war with the consequences that derive from it.


MICHELE was a free, courageous, generous and loyal spirit.

He never allowed himself to be influenced by anyone, by conformism, or by personal interests, he fled from Consumerism and everything he considered Superfluous.

He had a strong sense of humor and loved the theater, in particular Edoardo De Filippo.

The most important things for him were the DIGNITY OF MAN, HUMAN RIGHTS, and FREEDOM in all its forms and expressions



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