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#12th Edition

Logo gf 2022.jpg
Logo gf 2022.jpg
See you on Sunday
2022 June, 19th
Piazza del Duomo



GF Edita Pucinskaite is dedicated to who loves ride in the mountain , who loves stay together with other hundreds people with same passion.

Last but not least ... We are in Tuscany and the street food is a must. In each "pit-stop" you could enjoy the specialty of our typic cuisine and folklore.

But it's not only a bike marathon ; GF Edita Pucinskaite will raise funds for voluntary associations dedicated to childcare.

Please visit our Charity page to see how we can help the community.

No-Competitive Bike Marathon 

 from 60 to132 km

Inside Tuscany : PISTOIA


Seductive city of ancient foundation, Pistoia is a place that will amaze art and tradition lovers. Poets and writers have exalted the charm of what they have renamed "enchanted stone city" and "city with wide streets and beautiful churches", and in fact the center offers the visitor the possibility of entering a rich path of churches, cloisters , palaces and monuments that revolve around one of the most fascinating Piazza del Duomo in Italy. Not to mention that, on the edge of the city, there are villages, parish churches and fortified castles of striking beauty.

Pistoia, proclaimed in 2017 Italian Capital of Culture, is a city of Roman origin, whose urban fabric traces the boundaries of the three ancient walls.

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