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Opening the 10th GF Edita Pucinskaite - Rosti with a Special Shirt

Also this year, the organizing committee of the cycling event, unveils the details of the exclusive t-shirt made by the new main sponsor Rosti: Knitwear made in Italy of quality and Sponsor of the Gran Fondo.

The author of the drawing on the jersey is Alice Nigro a student of Figurative Arts of the P. Petrocchi Artistic High School located in Pistoia, winner of the competition promoted each year by Avis Bike Pistoia Cycling team.

Involving young people and bringing their works in the 2 wheels world is the aim that every year we want to achieve. Each drawing will became a prize to the best teams of the 2019 edition.

"It is always difficult to choose the best, given the high quality of the drawings produced by the students " emphasized Stefano Sichi, General Manager of the GranFondo "The work that will characterize the edition of the 10th anniversary brings a clear message will be grasped by all the participants ".

Alice Nigro beat on the photofinish, a very valid and modern proposal by David Checchi, while Andrea Coppini climbed the third step of the podium. The students followed by their teacher Costanza Ballati will be rewarded with good purchases for educational material while Alice will also be given the technical shirt with their own printed design. On the back the shirt will have the yellow and black logo to promote the safety on the road.

Model Think: rudy fabric, micro-perforated and highly breathable, ergonomic cut, long zip, three back pockets with applied reflective piping, inner elasticated silicon in the mesh bottom, long sleeve cut alive Body Fit, these are the technical characteristics of the special GF Edita Pucinskaite jersey - Rosti 2019. Its cost 28 euros and can be booked online now, till May 19th, the day on which the promotional price of the registration expires at 12 euros. You can find all info’s about registration procedures, costs, T&Cs and other details on

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